FAQIMGWhat is the Measures that Matter project?
Measures that Matter is a one-year project intended to galvanize the field. It addresses the need to collaboratively develop and implement a National Action Plan that will allow libraries to more effectively turn data into useable information to demonstrate the value of library collections and services nation-wide.

What is the goal of the Measures That Matter Project?
Measures that Matter addresses the realization that there is currently no overarching national plan for the collection, storage, use and dissemination of public library data and service outcomes that equitably engages all stakeholders and validates the purpose and value of public libraries. Its goal is to create and implement a Public Library Data and Outcomes Action Plan that will lead to sustained action by multiple players. It relies on intentional collaboration and ongoing, deep conversations about action plan elements to insure adoption by the field.

What will the impact of the Action Plan be, and how will success be determined for the effort?
Measures that Matter’s success will lie in its ability to effectively promote a stronger role, value and impact for public libraries in the 21st century. It will engage stakeholders in creating an Action Plan that:

  • Reduces the burden of data collection
  • Eliminates duplication of data collection efforts
  • Improves timeliness of data release
  • Increases the uptake on sampling surveys
  • Improves the quality of data collected
  • Increases the capacity of public libraries to track and measure outcomes that align with community-based measurement systems
  • Identifies components of a universal public library services model
  • Identifies and creates tools to educate the library community on the value of the available data

How is this project different than previous efforts?
This project shares similar concerns, and addresses similar issues in creating a data landscape. Measures that Matter has as its goal the creation and implementation of a National Action Plan that will enable the community to take real and meaningful action to improve the ability to harness the power of data to demonstrate the value of libraries and their services to their communities.

Who is behind the Measures that Matter project?
Measures that Matter is a cooperative project between IMLS (Institute for Museum & Library Services) and COSLA (Chief Officers of State Library Agencies). COSLA Executive Director Timothy Cherubini is the principal investigator for this grant.

Who serves on the Project Team for Measures that Matter?
The Measures that Matter project is directed by a Working Group and benefits from the advice of its Advisory Committee. Refer to the Learn More page for details.

What activities are involved with Measures that Matter?
Measures that Matter seeks to engage library thinkers and decision-makers nation-wide in this work. In addition to a series of webinars, and presentations at national and regional conferences, a comprehensive group of 75 decision-makers from key organizations across the library field will be invited to a data summit where they will be tasked with drafting the National Action Plan.

How can I learn more?
See the calendar on this website for upcoming events including educational webinars. Please submit your questions or comments here or contact us directly.